My Pathway to Health App Reviews

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Needs More

This app needs to be able to connect to Fitbit and allow you to see how many points you are earning. This should also allow to redeem your points right from the app. This really does need an upgrade. Also make a menu button so it's easier to get around. As of right now this application is horrible.

App doesn't even work!

This app is crap! It doesn't work! Won't let you send messages or update trackers, & these are the only 2 functions of the app! I emailed them from my laptop & told them the problem. They said to delete & reinstall. This did nothing! Don't waste your time with the app, it's crap! Just stick to the website!

Just use the website

This app does pretty much nothing except let you text your coach. All of the trackers aren't even available in the app.

Trackers keep crashing

If I try to add a tracker, the app crashes. As this is the only thing the app really does, it's pretty useless until that gets fixed.

Needs some work

I am new to the program and thought the app would help track but continues to kick me out when adding an activity to track.

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